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Adapting distribution network tariffs to a decentralised energy future – position paper


EDSO has issued a position paper highlighting the need for distribution network tariff-setting to be adapted to the increasing integration of distributed renewable energy sources (DRES) and to the transition toward a more decentralised energy system. Within EDSO urges national regulatory authorities (NRAs) to consider a set of complementary recommendations when designing network tariffs for distribution system operators (DSOs).

EDSO notes that its views, for example, on limiting the use of net metering and on establishing a cost-reflective network, are aligned with those of the European Commission, expressed in the recent “Best practices on Renewable Energy Self-consumption” staff working document (July 2015).

EDSO members are working to embrace the technical and commercial challenges of integrating an ever increasing installed capacity of DRES, including self-generation, into their networks. This DRES integration, though, demands the adoption of regulatory practices which will ensure it is done in a socially and economically fair manner.