It Is Time to Get to YES: A Call for Action

In the wake of the 2024 EU elections, which have steered priorities towards a new European Competitiveness Deal, the urgency to integrate robust climate policies within our economic agenda has never been greater. The European Commission’s ambitious targets to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050 accentuates the necessity of a stable and secure energy supply, a competitive industrial sector, and the successful implementation of current EU legislation.

E.DSO publishes its policy manifesto, “It Is Time to Get to YES,” advocating for essential measures to ensure progress towards climate neutrality, competitiveness, and energy security in this new legislative mandate.

Key actions to drive the EU Agenda:

Smooth Implementation of EU Legislation:

E.DSO calls for the timely national implementation of the EU legislation, ensuring long-term planning certainty and preventing fragmentation. Accelerated permitting processes and coordinated actions are essential to achieve climate targets and create a stable investment environment.

Grid financing and anticipatory investments:

The backbone of our energy transformation lies in the distribution grid. We advocate for stable investment environments to finance the upscaling of the electricity system, ensuring security and competitiveness. This includes incentivising anticipatory investments and developing a regulatory framework that empowers DSOs.

Grid robustness as a competitive advantage:

Climate change poses significant risks to our distribution infrastructure. Incorporating costs of wildlife protection, fire hazards, and extreme weather adaptation into DSOs’ remuneration will enhance resilience. We urge increased collaboration between the energy industry and regulators to build a resilience protection network for DSOs.

Grid technologies through industrial progress:

Leveraging the ongoing industrial progress to boost grid technologies is crucial for a competitive, sustainable, and resilient energy system. E.DSO supports greater ambition in the EU’s industrial strategy to ensure energy sovereignty and competitiveness.

Join us in advocating for these measures to secure a robust energy system. Discover more about our initiatives and priorities through our “A Spotlight on E.DSO Priorities” video series.

Download the document to read its full content.

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