EDSO responds to Summer Package consultations

EDSO responds to Summer Package consultations

5 October 2015, Brussels – European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids (EDSO) has responded to the European Commission (EC) consultations on a new energy market design and on electricity security supply, as they represent a timely opportunity to propose revisions to the ‘Third Energy Package.’

To speed the transition towards a decentralised energy system and reap the benefits of smart grids and greater flexibility, an overhaul of the Third Energy Package is needed,” said Ana Aguado, EDSO Secretary General. “After focussing on wholesale markets, the revised Package must address retail – or demand-side – dynamics, renewable energy sources, distribution networks and flexibility,” she continued.

On a new energy market design, EDSO specifically calls upon the EC to:

  • Amend the Third Energy Package to allow DSOs to procure services on local flexibility markets or to contract with grid users for the purpose of optimal network management;
  • Amend the Package to include an article on General Principles of congestion management for distribution grids;
  • Entrust DSOs to draft high level guidelines on flexibility through the newly created DSO/TSO Platform, consulting other stakeholders in due course;
  • Involve DSOs if or when revising the minimal functional requirements for smart metering;
  • Ensure the timely adoption of the network information security directive and the data protection regulation. As DSOs already operate as neutral market facilitators, there is no need for additional third-party access to smart metering data;
  • Help national regulators to identify best practices for distribution network tariffs design.

On this last point, EDSO shortly will issue a position paper, entitled “Adapting distribution network tariffs to a decentralised energy future.”

On security of supply, EDSO calls upon to the EC to:

  • Closely involve DSOs in the definition of a risk preparedness plan;
  • Establish a common methodology for risk assessments;
  • Invite DSOs to join the Electricity Coordination Group given their key role in emergency situations;
  • Designate an existing national organisation (e.g. ministry, regulator) as responsible for coordinating security of supply issues.

EDSO calls upon the EC to formulate its proposals for revising the Third Energy Package with due speed. The required regulatory reform must keep pace with the fast-rate of technological change and market developments impacting DSOs and other key industry players.



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