Energy Roadmap 2050 – Electricity and smart grid solutions in focus

Energy Roadmap 2050 – Electricity and smart grid solutions in focus

December 15th 2011, Brussels – EDSO for Smart Grids welcomes the European Commission’s work on Energy Roadmap 2050. The work shows that electricity will have to play a much greater role than today. The European Commission acknowledges the important development of Smart Grids to address the renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, empowering of the customer/demand response and storage.

Development of Smart Grids will give very strong contributions to fulfil the EU energy targets on decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The Distribution System Operator will here play the key role as an enabler, a neutral “market facilitator, to the benefit of all customers.

The Distribution System Operators in EDSO for Smart Grids strongly confirm their willingness to contribute to the challenges and support the great need for investment and roll-out of new technologies. To avoid uncertainty as a major barrier it is of utmost importance to drive and incentivise investments in cost-efficient Smart Grid solutions, to support RD&D and technological innovation and to adjust the national regulatory frameworks accordingly.

EDSO for Smart Grids would also like to highlight Commission’s European Electricity Grid Initiative, the EEGI, as an important basis for the development of the Smart Grids in Europe.

EDSO for Smart grids is pleased to contribute to the further work on the Energy Roadmap 2050.

EDSO for Smart Grids is an association with 27 members, leading Distribution System Operators in 16 EU countries, amounting to approx. 70 percent of the points of electricity supply, cooperating to bring Smart Grids from vision to reality.

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