EU should not miss the train of digital energy

EU should not miss the train of digital energy

On day 2 of their conference on Europe innovation in grids, InnoGrid2020+, EDSO for Smart Grids (EDSO) and ENTSO-E insist on the distribution and transmission system operators’ eagerness to support Europe’s entry in the digital energy era.

“Digital is turning every sector upside down. Not a single organisation can escape. We as distribution system operators (DSOs) see the digital revolution as a historical opportunity to deliver value, to empower both consumers/prosumers as well as territories and cities. Europe has not yet missed the digital revolution in the energy grid sector. But time is running, and we need to speed up our pathway to market capacity”, said Christian Buchel, EDSO Vice-Chairperson.

“The energy sector is undergoing a revolution called “digitalisation”. The booming of data production is an opportunity to deliver better services to consumers and all players in the electricity sector. Big data will help us optimise the use of our networks, generation and consumption. This is good for the environment and good for the economy”, pointed out Peder Andreasen, ENTSO-E President.

Commissioner Oettinger declared during his keynote speech that “The achievement of a functional energy market will be conditioned by ensuring a free flow of data and by appropriately tackling the emerging issues such as data ownership, interoperability, usability and access to data”.

Claude Turmes, MEP, pointed out the advantages of digital energy notably to optimise the use of the existing grid. “Regulators should allow TSOs and DSOs to also invest in ICT’, he said adding Europe had the potential to also have its own Silicon Valley.

At the occasion of InnoGrid2020+, the European Commission will also take the opportunity to announce the set-up of its new Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP). The platform links up storage, demand response, heating and cooling, gas, ICT and power system operators. EDSO for Smart Grids and ENTSO-E welcome this trans-sector approach and its focus on system needs.

Lastly, EDSO and ENTSO-E teamed up with the Florence School’s Jean-Michel Glachant and Ronnie Belmans to award at InnoGrid2020+ a young student from the Rotterdam Management School for his paper on “disruptive innovation in the power sector for a sustainable energy revolution”. The paper will be published by both associations and the Florence School.

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