European Energy-Information Sharing & Analysis Centre and Europe’s Distribution System Operators Establish Memorandum of Understanding

12 October 2022

 The European Association of leading European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO) and the European Energy Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (EE-ISAC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 22 September 2022. The MoU aims to reinforce the cyber resilience of critical infrastructures in Europe and practices by promoting customers’ empowerment as well as improving the use of clean energy sources through electrification.

E.DSO, through its Members in R&I projects and initiatives, seeks to facilitate the integration of new technologies and solutions for the future energy system. E.DSO lends its expertise to the European Commission through the Smart Grids Task Force and by contributing to various consultations and meetings. E.DSO also collaborates closely with all stakeholders and through its annual event, the Stakeholder and Innovation Council.

The Association of the EE-ISAC is the result of multidisciplinary cooperation reached in Europe by private operators, service providers, academia and (non-) governmental agencies, with the mission of strengthening resilience through cybersecurity information sharing within a trusted and growing community of over 30 members. Activities include sharing information on the evolution of the cyber threats to energy infrastructures and sharing best practices and innovative initiatives in the context of the protection of networks, industrial systems, and operational technology.

With this agreement of collaboration, E.DSO and EE-ISAC demonstrate their commitment to exchanging information related to cyber threats and vulnerabilities in a trusted environment by adopting Traffic Light Protocols (TLP) classifications, as information is a sensitive asset and sharing becomes key to evade intrusion events.

“E.DSO has a longstanding expertise on cybersecurity and data standards, thus it is natural that we today seal our collaboration with EE-ISAC. The signature of MoU marks a big step towards a comprehensive and close collaboration. We are thrilled to see that we can combine forces to promote knowledge sharing, advocacy efforts and other correlated activities to facilitate regular coordination and exchange.” said Roberto Zangrandi, E.DSO Secretary General.

Aurelio Blanquet, EE-ISAC Secretary General: “As speed becomes central to avoid locking our energy system either with fossil-based energy or with the cyber kidnapping of its digital SCADA & ICS systems, information sharing and cooperation between skilled stakeholders are of utmost importance for the acceleration of knowledge, coordination of decisions and effectiveness of complementary actions.

Signing this MoU with E.DSO and working together, EE-ISAC firmly believes that we will go further in a safe and resilient European Energy System.”

Together, E.DSO and EE-ISAC will exchange best practices and approaches on the identification and assessment of risks related to critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity. The partnership, therefore, offers the two associations the opportunity to further strengthen their common interest in attaining further reliability and security of distribution networks for the supplier as well as the consumer.


The European Energy Information Sharing & Analysis Centre (EE-ISAC) is an industry-driven, information sharing network of trust. Private utilities, solution providers and (semi)public institutions such as academia, governmental and non-profit organizations share valuable information on cyber security and cyber resilience in the European Energy industry. EE-ISAC aims to improve the resilience and security of the European energy infrastructure, by sharing trust-based information and enabling a joint effort for the analysis of threats, vulnerabilities, incidents, solutions and opportunities. EE-ISAC offers a community of communities to facilitate this proactive information sharing and analysis, allowing its members to take their own effective measures.

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About E.DSO

The European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO) promotes and enables customers empowerment and the increase in the use of clean energy sources through electrification, the development of smart and digital grid technologies in real-life situations, new market designs and regulation. E.DSO and its members are committed to taking on the huge challenges associated with realising the Energy Union, built on the EU’s ambitious energy, climate, security of supply, jobs, and growth objectives. This involves ensuring the reliability and security of Europe’s electricity supply to consumers while enabling them to take a more active part in our energy system. E.DSO focuses on guiding EU research, demonstration, and innovation (RD & I), policy and Member State regulation to support smart grids development for a sustainable energy system.

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