Europe’s fourth industrial revolution: how electricity networks platforms enable change

Europe’s fourth industrial revolution: how electricity networks platforms enable change

Brussels, 26 June 2017

Europe’s fourth industrial revolution: how electricity networks platforms enable change

By 2030, at least 75 billion of devices[1] will be connected to the internet generating 75 trillions of gigabytes[2] of data. From 100 000 in 2015, there could be 18 million[i] of full electric vehicles in Europe by 2030 as charging becomes more widely available and cities invest in smart & clean mobility. In electricity, all consumers should by then be equipped with smart meters.

How to digitally link the different networks to gain in efficiency and service? How electricity system operators- transmission and distribution together- are developing that extra layer of data allowing new ways of consuming and producing energy? Why the link between wholesale/retail – transmission/distribution is so crucial for increasing consumer leadership in the electricity sector? How to adapt markets to digitalisation? What are the technologies available? Is Europe’s legislation fit for the 4th industrial revolution? What are the benefits for consumers?

These are among the themes that the will be discussed by the 400 delegates gathering in Brussels on 26/27 June for the sixth edition of INNOGRID2020+ co-organised by ENTSO-E and EDSO for Smart Grids. As in previous editions, concrete projects advancing Europe’s fourth industrial revolution will be showcased. INNOGRID2020+ is also an illustration of the joint commitment of both associations to work closely on innovation and on the needed link between distribution and transmission.

European electric system operators coordinating for more efficiency

“Only strong convergence between policy, market and technology can foster Europe’s digital energy transformation”, insists Bente Hagem, Chair of the ENTSO-E Board. “In quite a few countries this has allowed the creation of a neutral hub for electricity data exchange from smart meters. This is key for giving customers more leadership. We are developing digital links between electricity system operators cross border and between wholesale and retail. This is also good for climate and the economy”.

João Torres, Chairman of EDSO and CEO of EDP Distribuição, stated: “System operators have been at the forefront of the energy transition. Complexity is rising in a more distributed energy network and we will need to find local solutions for local problems. Developing tools to empower customers, taking up the challenge of integrating large amounts of renewables, accompanying the rise of prosumers, we are now ready to cooperate with other sectors to make energy smarter throughout the European industry. This will provide a wider array of tools to carry out our activity, enhance energy efficiency at society level and, last but not least, benefit European citizens”.

“The electricity system is made of interlinked geographies: local, national, regional and European. Adding a digital layer that glues these dimensions together is a must. This way you can ensure the optimal functioning of a system of growing complexity. We want to make our contribution to Europe’s fourth industrial revolution together with our partner EDSO for Smart Grids. This is why INNOGRID2020+ is an important event for us’, comments Laurent Schmitt, ENTSO-E Secretary General.

Elaborating on the content of the conference Christian Buchel, EDSO Vice-Chair and Deputy CEO and Chief Digital of the largest French distributor Enedis added: “To achieve the energy transition and revolution we need a central role for #digital and #digitalisation of our industry. We need a genuine and strong entrepreneurial vision and approach since we already compete with the best-in-class in the new technologies evolution and applications. Here the cooperation with the TSOs becomes capital – and the creation of an EU-DSO entity to address the issues of the future indispensable”.

The conference will also see the participation of Kaja Kallas, MEP and Alberto Pototschnig, Director of ACER, among others. The Florence School of Regulation is a partner of the event and will hand over the first scholarship in memoriam of Ana Aguado.

Contacts for the press

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Florian Gonzalez, Communications and Projects Officer, T: +32 (0)470 175 487,

About InnoGrid2020+

InnoGrid2020+ is a yearly conference co-organised by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and the European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids (EDSO). Started in 2012, InnoGrid2020+ has over the years become the not-to-be-missed conference on innovation in power system and networks. Participants to the conference can visit a poster exhibition showcasing more than 20 innovation projects. The 2017 edition of InnoGrid2020+ focuses on the Network of Networks.

ENTSO-E gathers 43 transmission system operators from 36 European countries. Created by EU legislation. ENTSO-E has several legal mandates including analysis of pan-European electricity system security, infrastructure development, and coordination, harmonisation of technical and market rules and market transparency. ENTSO-E is working on innovation and the smartening of power grids notably in cooperation with the European associations of distribution system operators. It also works with several international organisations in the energy sector notably to develop global industry standards. / @ENTSO_E

About EDSO for Smart Grids

European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids (EDSO) gathers 34 leading electricity distribution system operators (DSOs), including 3 associations, from 18 European countries. Through its work on electricity distribution related technologies, policies and projects, its members cooperate to ensure the reliability of Europe’s electricity supply for customers and enabling their active participation in our energy system. In short, EDSO is shaping smarter grids for your future.

EDSO represents the key-interface between Europe’s DSOs and the European institutions, promoting the development and large-scale testing of smart grid models and technologies in real-life situations, new market designs and regulation. / @EDSO_eu




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