2nd E.DSO Projects in the Spotlight webinar

2nd E.DSO Projects in the Spotlight webinar

“Blockchain and DSOs: an opportunity for the energy transition?”

18 November 2021 – 10h30-12h00

E.DSO is pleased to invite you to the second event of the ‘Projects in the Spotlight’ series (webinar) scheduled on 18 November at 10h30. Our initiative aims at shedding light on EU funded projects in which E.DSO is involved and at showing how these projects can best contribute to specific challenges DSOs are presently facing.

This second event will focus on blockchain and will examine if recent pilots have demonstrated the potential the technology was expected to have. The debate will emphasize particularly on the added value of the technology in the energy sector and how DSOs can benefit from using blockchain technology.

The 3 projects in the spotlight will be CoordiNet, EasyBat and Blockchain Grid who will share their experiences and recommendations for future as the role of the DSO evolves.

Discover the agenda here.

Join us to learn more about the projects’ use of blockchain!

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