4th E.DSO Projects in the Spotlight

4th E.DSO Projects in the Spotlight

DSOs at the centre of cross-sector integration

The European Union is striving to decarbonise the energy system. The fossil fuel crisis of 2022 has demonstrated the need for new approaches to the supply, distribution, and consumption of energy. EU publications and legislative acts, notably the recent Action Plan on Digitalising the Energy System, aim at breaking the silos between traditional sectors. Eventually, assets like EVs, HVAC systems and distributed energy resources (e.g., PVs) will be integrated into one decentralised system bridging among energy, mobility, and buildings. To accomplish this goal, DSOs and grid stakeholders face increasing needs for coordinated innovation, seamless and secure information sharing, and new digital skills.

The fourth edition of the E.DSO Projects in the Spotlight Event takes on a novel format to discuss challenges to cross-sector integration to achieve the FitFor55 and REPowerEU targets. Following the introduction of the topic, an identical set of questions will be posed to the Horizon OneNet, Platone, and InterConnect projects to highlight different perspectives and shared insights. This will be complemented with a final keynote by the Erasmus+ EDDIE project about the skills-gap in Europe, before closing the event with an outlook on upcoming steps.

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