E.DSO FutureGrid Innovation Summit

E.DSO is organising its 1st FutureGrid Innovation Summit in Brussels on 6 February 2025!

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are crucial in driving innovation in the energy system to meet 2030 climate goals and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Significant investments in new technologies are needed for a smarter, more robust, and sustainable energy system. Technological advancements are pivotal for increasing competitiveness in alignment with the EU’s strategic goals and for securing the reliability of distribution grids through new technologies.

EU-funded projects are supporting this innovation revolution by focusing on both immediate and long-term goals. The E.DSO FutureGrid Innovation Summit ‘Innovation Sparks’ exhibition will showcase impactful projects and technologies. Furthermore, the regulatory and policy landscape is vital for deploying new technologies and innovations that help achieve the ambitious 2050 climate goals.

As part of this effort, the E.DSO 2nd Digital Award will recognise outstanding and relevant digital innovations contributing to the reshaping of DSOs’ roles. This award will highlight the importance of digitalisation in the energy sector and acknowledge those who are leading the way in creating a more efficient, resilient, and consumer-centric energy system. The call will be launched soon.

Stay tuned for more updates—we are just getting started!

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