Launch of the E.DSO Sustainable Grid Charter

Launch of the E.DSO Sustainable Grid Charter

26 November 2019 – 17h00-19h00
The Office, 80, rue d’Arlon, 1040 Brussels

How does the European DSOs contribute to climate action and making the world more sustainable?

To ensure that the Paris Agreement does not remain an empty promise and that future generations can live in peace and prosperity on our planet, many actors must come together in support for a sustainable society. The E.DSO Sustainable Grid Charter demonstrates the commitment of E.DSO, the association of Europe’s largest and leading Distribution System Operators, and its members to sustainability from climate, to environment, social responsibility and fair governance. With concrete examples from the E.DSO members the Charter aims to inspire policy and investors as much as stakeholders and colleagues to pursue sustainable operations in the electricity distribution industry.

Ditte Juul Jorgensen, Director General at EC DG Energy, together with Clara de la Torre, Deputy-Director General at EC DG Climate Action, will set the scene with a view to the New Green Deal and the Sustainable Finance Action Plan. Policy makers, stakeholders from the financial sector as well as from the energy sector and other interested parties are invited to join us for a glass and share views and experiences related to the energy sectors contribution to a sustainable and decarbonized future.

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