VII Scientific Conference “Energy Security – Pillars and Development Perspective”

The VII Scientific Conference “Energy Security – Pillars and Development Perspective” will be held on September 12-13, 2022 at the Rzeszow University of Technology. The event is organized by the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy in cooperation with the Rzeszow University of Technology.

The previous VI edition (2021) of the Conference was attended by over 300 participants (190 speakers included), representing 55 scientific centers from Poland and abroad. There were 36 plenary and topical panels and 16 scientific posters presented. The VI Conference was supported by as many as 20 Honorary Patrons and 51 Media Patrons. The two-day debates were followed by a total of nearly 29 000 Internet users.

Video summary of the VI edition of the Conference (2021):

The main objective of the Conference is to contribute to the scientific and expert discussion on energy security policy and the broader energy sector. We believe that the creation of a platform for holding debate involving scientists, experts, representatives of public administration, energy companies, NGOs, business journalists and students will contribute to the development of scientific output in this area.

One of the main topics of this year’s discussions will be an assessment of energy security of the countries on NATO’s eastern flank in the context of the policy of the Russian Federation and an analysis of the changes occurring in global energy policy as a result of the war in Ukraine, drawing conclusions for Poland and Western Europe. We plan to analyze the geo-economic dimension of the crisis and issues related to the use of economics for political and geopolitical purposes.

The theme of the 7th edition of the Conference will also be a continuation of the scientific discussion – undertaken in previous editions – about: natural gas, oil and hydrogen supply policy; electromobility; offshore wind energy; cybersecurity and information security in the energy sector; stability of energy supply systems; raw materials and fuels in the context of modern sabotage and terrorist threats; nuclear energy; renewable energy sources; new technologies in the energy sector with particular emphasis on energy storage, as well as sources of flexibility and their importance to the power system.

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