GREEN RECOVERY: REBOOT & REBOOST our economies for a sustainable future

Call for mobilisation

E.DSO welcomes the initiative of French MEP, Pascal Canfin, Chair of the ENVI Committee, who is calling for a global alliance for a green recovery, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The call for mobilisation was signed by 79 MEPs (S&D, EPP, Renew, Green/EFA) and civil society representatives, including: 37 CEOs, 28 business associations, 7 NGOs, 6 think tanks and the European trade union confederation. It is asking for Green Recovery Investment Packages acting as accelerators of the transition towards climate neutrality and healthy ecosystems. Signatories therefore commit to working together, sharing knowledge, exchanging expertise, and creating synergies to deliver the investment decisions we need.

As part of the 180 signatories, E.DSO Chairman Mr. Christian Buchel signed the initiative attesting E.DSO’s support for the EU’s economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and its determination to enable the green transition.