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Welcome to E.DSO's new series, which aims to shed a spotlight on our advocacy priorities. Each month, E.DSO will focus on a specific theme, and with the help of our members we will be releasing a video highlighting how these various topics impact the grids and DSOs in general.

For our first video, we decided to focus on the very important topic of Grid Investments. Rémy Garaude Verdier from Enedis highlights E.DSO commitment to Clean Energy and the challenges we are facing due to the amounts of investments needed.


For our second video, we focus on the topic of anticipatory investments. Johan Mörnstam, CEO of E.ON Sverige, gives a brief explanation as to what these entail. As a reminder, DSOs are at the forefront, guiding an investment of over €400 billion by 2030 in Europe's electricity grids to accommodate renewables, improve reliability, and empower customers. 



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A Spotlight on E.DSO Priorities