New Episode of E.DSO Policy Podcast Series: DSOs as Facilitators of Energy Communities

15 December 2021

The Clean Energy Package (CEP) represents a breakthrough in the active role of citizens in the energy transition. However, an adequate policy and regulatory framework are needed to ensure that both citizens and the whole energy system can benefit from the prospects that new technological developments bring. However, energy communities are not a merely technical issue and they create opportunities and challenges for the national grid and distribution system operators (DSOs) who have to balance supply and demand to make sure the lights stay on.

In this month’s episode, E.DSO Policy Officer, Dragomir Radoytsev, joined by Daan Rutten, Policy Expert at Alliander, explain the role of DSOs as facilitators of energy communities, tackling the opportunities that communities and DSOs offer to each other.

If you are interested in this topic, cast a curious glance at our position paper on DSOs as facilitators of energy communities for more information.

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