3 March 2021, 13:30-15:00 CET

A year ago the European Commission announced to revise the TEN-E regulation review in the scope of the European Green Deal.

E.DSO aimed to seize the opportunity of this revision to recall the fundamental role of the DSO Industry in the future Trans-European Network for Energy. As the European Green Deal aims to leave no-one behind by developing a citizen-centric European energy system, the DSO Industry has to face an incredible amount of challenges and issues that could serve the European agenda in the light of this revision. Citizen empowerment, renewable energy sources rollout (90% at DSOs level), digitalisation (smart meters), customer relation and security (cyber), etc.

To tackle the challenges that still need to be addressed following the European Commission proposal, this webinar proposed an interesting debate to ensure that the remaining issues appear understandable for all concerned stakeholders.

The agenda is available here.

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) have to reinforce and expand their networks in order to maintain security of supply and quality of service. Many technical options could be envisaged for that purpose, including traditional investment in cables and transformers, using consumers’ flexibility or improving network monitoring and control.

In this new paper, EDSO call policy makers to fix the current regulatory uncertainty and to widen the range of technologies available to DSO in order to improve the power grid management and deliver better services to all consumers.