Interoperability and distribution grids – a diamond in the rough

Here at E.DSO we consider interoperability as a key building block of digitalization in the energy sector and the green energy transition, especially when it comes to the ability of grid operators to integrate systems and data to ensure a secure and reliable power supply, which is becoming increasingly important as distributed energy resources (DERs) are increasingly fed into the grid.

Despite its central role, interoperability actually still causes a lot of headaches in implementation. Against this backdrop, we took a closer look at the topic together with Alberto Dognini from RWTH Aachen University/ Fraunhofer FIT, exploring core issues, including its cross-sectoral nature, the different levels of data exchange as well as the role of open data and other technologies. Tune in and find out more about the potential of interoperability to accelerate innovation and decarbonisation in the energy sector.

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