What is in a name? – (Climate) resilience for DSOs

There are many ways to define “resilience,” and many different risks and challenges through which grid operators must be resilient. The increasing threats of climate change are requiring DSO to make operational changes and investments to improve the resilience of the electric system. In this episode, Tzeni Varfi, Policy & Legal Director at E.DSO sat with Mark McGranaghan, Fellow at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Sara Mullen-Trento, Senior Technical Leader at EPRI, and had a frank discussion about ways in which DSOs can develop when performing resilience planning. The exchange also shed light into possible opportunities in the planning process and the benefits of DSOs’ proactive resilience planning and investments.

Above all, the hosts tried to foster a sense of confidence in their listeners to push against prevailing narratives of “doom and gloom” when considering resilience.

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