3rd E.DSO Stakeholder and Innovation Council Conclusions

On 12 October 2020, E.DSO hosted virtually the third edition of the Stakeholders and Innovation Council. The event celebrated the E.DSO 10-year anniversary and recognised the association’s effort in making ideas into reality and setting the stage for the next decade of energy innovation. The Stakeholder Council featured several European’s leading innovators, experts in digitalisation and smart grids, and experts on customer behaviour, who explored the subject of ‘The Path forward to the New System Operator Model – Customers inspire DSOs’. Three subgroups elaborated a conclusion paper covering three breakthrough energy development, namely:

Topic 1: Societal values to be embedded in the New System Operator Model

Topic 2: Current market model and regulatory facilitation for customers

Topic 3: Innovative tools/instruments to implement the New System Operator Model

E.DSO express a deep gratitude to all Stakeholder Council members, speakers, contributors, and attendees.

Keep a finger on the pulse and read the comprehensive conclusion paper.

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