Conclusion Paper 6th E.DSO Stakeholder & Innovation Council 2023

The 6th Stakeholder & Innovation Council by E.DSO made a successful return to Brussels, signaling a significant shift in Europe’s energy landscape. This year’s edition returned to its roots in Brussels with a closed-door format, restricted to a select audience.

The event set a bold agenda: “Landscaping the future grids and customer expectations.” It shed light on the role of electricity infrastructure in achieving the EU’s Net-Zero emissions by 2050 and emphasised the need for proactive thinking and anticipatory regulations in the evolving energy landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grid modernisation takes center stage in the energy transition.
  • Legislative initiatives like the Electricity Market Design (EMD) reform recognise DSOs’ changing role.
  • Flexibility is crucial for integrating renewable energy and managing grid resources.
  • Progressive policies, such as the European Green Deal and Fit for 55, support the energy transition.
  • Smart meters empower customers and enable efficient energy management.
  • Energy sharing and communities hold potential with careful consideration.
  • Customer-centric technologies like digital twins and blockchain drive renewable energy integration.
  • Collaboration, transparency, and open communication are vital for a successful energy transition.

To conclude, the 6th Stakeholder & Innovation Council marked a turning point towards grid-centric approaches, anticipatory investments, and customer-centricity in Europe’s energy transition. Collaboration, innovation, and regulatory progress were seen as the pillars of the future energy system.

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