Coping with the energy crisis: increasing resilience within electricity DSOs

E.DSO released today a paper exploring the effects of the current energy crisis on the electricity grids, and how they relate to the latest iteration of the DSOs resilience.

The paper outlines that, at a time of such energy market turbulences, the DSOs primary mission is to keep the lights on and serve the customers. While DSOs are used to adapting when emergencies strike, the energy crisis is putting the resilience again under stress. It further illustrates the variety of temporary actions taken by the leading European DSOS to tackle raising energy prices while keeping network stability. Some of these measures have directly been triggered by the government’s emergency measures, other have as part of DSOs commitment when it comes to principal tasks, such as security of supply, affordability, and customer empowerment.

The paper also reflects the measures taken by the European governments to cope with the crisis, from capping prices on consumer electricity and gas bills to offering credit and guarantees to prevent power providers from collapsing under the weight of collateral demands. Some Member States are looking to cushion the blow for customers and businesses, either through direct assistance, or by limiting prices for customers and then paying to DSOs the difference.

Please download the document to read its full content.

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