Customer Protection in times of crises: main messages from the DSO

In conclusion of the 15th Citizens Energy Forum in Dublin, E.DSO members convey through a robust statement the DSOs commitment in seeking effective solutions for customers, particularly during challenging times. This statement reaffirms the DSOs’ dedication to serve their customers through targeted measures and practices, facilitating the implementation of appropriate tools to relive pressure on customers. E.DSO members have incorporated guidance on transparent, and personalised communication to address customer concerns effectively during financial difficulties. Recognising their duty to ensure reliable energy distribution and security of energy supply, DSOs have provided accessible information to customers about their energy use, bills, installment plans, and customised solutions.

During the Regulatory Roundtable on EU consumer policy at the Citizens’ Energy Forum in Dublin, E.DSO reiterated the continuous DSOs efforts focus on the smart meter rollout, demonstrating a commitment to advancing technology and ensuring a more customer-friendly energy landscape.

The statement features a summary of E.DSO members’ best practices. Please download the document to read its full content.

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