E.DSO Agenda for Strategic Grid Investments

Committed to Net-Zero emission by 2050 & Industry Transformation

Recognizing the evolving DSO role amid rapid renewables growth, E.DSO underscores the need to empower distribution networks, vital for connecting over 85% of renewables. Outlining key EU-aligned pledges, this document seeks to inspire policy-makers, industry stakeholders, and customer to prioritize grid modernisation, enabling a sustainable future.

Our main pledges:

  1. Empowering DSOs: Recognizing the pivotal role of DSOs in shaping the energy grid through a frequent industrial dialogue between policymakers and leading DSOs, as well as the enhanced involvement of E.DSO in policy discussions related to the distribution grid and investments.
  2. Elevate Grid Investment: EU’s Priority: Highlighting the central role of the evolving energy system, we urge the Commission to prioritize investment measures, including enhanced collaboration between DSOs and regulatory authorities, incentives for proactive infrastructure investments for DSOs, and policies to drive electrification in sectors like transportation and heating.
  3. Reliance on European Grid Technologies: The importance of grid technologies in bolstering essential reinforcement and expansion efforts of Europe’s distribution-level physical infrastructure, must be enhanced by the development and manufacturing of these technologies within Europe, and the creation of a resilient financial framework to facilitate this endeavor.
  4. Workforce Renewal: To address the challenges of the impending retirement wave, the EU needs collaborative investments, industry-recognized certifications, and the establishment of a Net-Zero Industry Academy.

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow’s Grid!

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