E.DSO key messages for the new Parliament

As key actors in the European energy sector, electricity distribution system operators (DSOs) want to explain their industry to the incoming policy makers of the new Parliament and the incoming College of Commissioners as well as provide key messages on what is needed for the development of the sector and for the achievement of the energy transition.

E.DSO has therefore distilled the following eight crucial issues to help foster a clean and sustainable future through a European energy system that guarantees the highest security and quality of electricity supply at lowest societal cost:

1. DSOs play a key role in the energy transition by facilitating markets and empowering active consumers

2. Continued dialogue between legislators and the different stakeholders is crucial and DSO-TSO coordination, on an equal footing, is key.

3. Regulation should take into account dynamic developments and incentivise innovation.

4. It is imperative to ensure proper implementation of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package and create legal certainty.

5. The role of new actors in the energy system has to be clarified while appropriate regulatory oversight must be ensured.

6. The value of electricity grids to achieve environmentally sustainable objectives should be highlighted.

7. Digitalisation will drive the energy transition and is an inherent part of the modern DSO.

8. Sectoral integration is crucial to meet Europe’s decarbonisation targets.

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