E.DSO reaction to the Parliament position on the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR)

E.DSO welcomes the ambitious position adopted by the Parliament regarding the Commission’s proposal for the recast of the Directive on the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (AFIR) on 19 October 2022.

We acknowledge the improvements in the file illustrating the recognition of the crucial role of electricity networks for the success of the energy transition as well as the commitment to build a well-integrated, decentralised, and digitalised energy system under a holistic approach in line with the energy efficiency first principle.

New charging points for electrical vehicles will widely be connected to the distribution grids, increasing the need for operational and strategical planning to guarantee the functionality of the grid, as well as security of supply and affordability for costumers. Therefore, E.DSO publishes today an updated statement including several recommendations on how to further improve the legislative file ensuring the contribution of DSOs to the green energy transition to the best of their potential.

Please read the reaction by downloading the document.

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