E.DSO strategic statements on grid investments

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed Europe’s fossil energy dependence. In this respect and prior to the extraordinary meeting of the Energy Ministers (30 September 2022), DSO members stand ready to turn the ambition of a future fossil fuel free into reality provided the EU makes the investments in the electricity distribution grid. E.DSO argues that the policy makers and regulators must concentrate on enabling investment in smart and decentralised energy solutions capable of achieving structural change long before 2027. We believe that to cope with the need to strengthen electric grids, Member States should also invest in the supply of key clean technologies and in the skills required for their rapid installation and maintenance.

In addition, the cost of DSOs investments should eventually be reflected in customer bills, softening the price increase to prevent energy poverty where required.

Speed is of the essence if we want to avoid locking our energy system with new fossil-based energy.

To read the content of the strategic statements, please download the document.

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