E.DSO suggested amendments to F-gas Regulation

E.DSO, representing Europe’s leading Distribution System Operators (DSOs), welcomes the opportunity to comment on the proposed F-Gas Regulation (fluorinated greenhouse gases).

DSOs are fully committed to reducing the content of hazardous substances and they have already taken the necessary measures to adopt suitable alternative solutions. We also believe that hazardous substances (e.g. sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)), posing an unacceptable risk due to their properties and use profile should be restricted or regulated, but based on scientific assessment and reasonable timeline.

However, the current proposal to phase out rapidly SF6 is not totally feasible for our industry. E.DSO would like to take the opportunity to propose some suggestions for amendments on how the Regulation could be further improved. Those amendments are based on the well-thought-out reflections of E.DSO experts and we remain at policy makers disposal to discuss further in detail on the development of the infrastructure necessary to the achievement of EU objectives.

Our previous position on this file can be found here and here.

Please download the document to read its full content.

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