EDSO amendments on Electricity Regulation

EDSO amendments on Electricity Regulation

EDSO is strongly committed to proactively contribute to the institutional set up of the proposed DSO entity.

Article 49 sets a number of provisions stating that the DSO body is open for undbundled DSOs and those which are not part of a vertically integrated undertaking. EDSO fully supports this clause as it gives a historic opportunity to have a fully-fledged, single representation for electricity DSOs at European level, without accounting for other parts of the value chain.

In this regard, we fully agree that its membership should be limited only to electricity DSO companies, and that no formal representation is extended to member states representatives or industry associations to ensure a consistent and strong DSO view. These could nevertheless be assigned consultative or observers roles. Moreover, EDSO remains open as to the participation of smaller DSO companies, which could be tackled at a later stage.

Participation can be envisaged for electricity DSOs with a customer base above 100,000 customers, which fits the EDSO current membership criteria. This entails that the expected magniture of the eligble DSOs could reach a dimension between 200 and 240 companies.

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