Grid Observability For Flexibility Dissemination Brochures

The Grid Observability for Flexibility Report (Go4Flex) from Task Force 1 “Active Network Management” of the E.DSO Technology and Knowledge Sharing Committee describes a roadmap to identify the relevant elements of grid observability to unlock the potential of flexibility sources in modern smart distribution grids.

These three dissemination brochures will give you snippets of the key outcomes of the Report, focusing respectively on DSOs’ needs for flexibility, the importance of flexibility service procurement in the power system, and the key elements to achieve grid observability in distribution networks.

The full report can be accessed and downloaded here.

Please download the document to discover the brochures.


  • Ewa Mataczyńska, PGE Dystrybucja Poland, TF1 co-chair,
  • Juan Martí Rodríguez, I-DE, Spain, TF1 co-chair,
  • Sjors van der Heijden, Stedin, the Netherlands,
  • Jan Kula, CEZ Distribuce, a. s., Czech Republic,
  • Manolis Voumvoulakis, HEDNO, Greece.

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