Grid observability for Flexibility Report

This report describes identified elements of network observability that are important in the process of managing flexibility sources for network operation. A general approach to the meaning of flexibility for DSOs in combination with network observability has been created. A generic roadmap scheme has been proposed to identify the relevant elements of observability for managing flexibility sources in a way to unlock their potential.

The report was prepared by Task Force 1- Active Network Management members from E.DSO Technology & Knowledge Sharing Committee, based on their expert knowledge. The main information concluded in this report is also presented in brochures published for a wider range of market participants.

Please download the document to read the content of the report.


  • Ewa Mataczyńska, PGE Dystrybucja Poland, TF1 co-chair,
  • Juan Martí Rodríguez, I-DE, Spain, TF1 co-chair,
  • Sjors van der Heijden, Stedin, the Netherlands,
  • Jan Kula, CEZ Distribuce, a. s., Czech Republic,
  • Manolis Voumvoulakis, HEDNO, Greece.

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