Let’s Make It Real: Investing in Europe’s electricity networks and grid technology sector

Following the High-Level Forum on Grids, where Commissioner Simson placed electricity networks front and centre of the EU agenda, the European Commission has started work on a Grid Action Plan. We take the opportunity to share with you the essential elements that need to be considered for a future-proof, flexible and resilient electricity network, supported by strong, innovative, and globally competitive industrial base.

Electricity grids are becoming the backbone of Europe’s economy. Europeans will consume ever more electrical energy – an increase from today’s 23% to more than 50% by 2050.

Demand for electricity grids exceeds manufacturing capacity in Europe. Grid investments are accelerating dramatically in Europe and worldwide.

Too much is at stake to fail. The consequences of not meeting the demand for grid technology in Europe are massive. Governments will miss their climate targets, companies will not succeed in their plans for developing renewable energy and strengthening their grid infrastructure.

With this document, T&D Europe and E.DSO aim at contributing to the Grid Action Plan. For Europe’s grid sector the European Commission’s Grid Action Plan will be a crucial document that will set the scene for the development of European grids, the investments in industrial manufacturing and ultimately in the success of the EU Green Deal.

Download the document to read its full content.

European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO) is the industrial and entrepreneurial Association of leading large Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in Europe. E.DSO promotes and enables customers empowerment and the increase in the use of clean energy sources through electrification, the development of smart and digital grid technologies in real-life situations, new market designs and regulation. E.DSO gathers 35 leading DSOs in 19 countries, serving more than 30 million customers, cooperating to ensure the reliability of Europe’s electricity supply for consumers and enabling their active participation in our energy system.

T&D Europe represents Europe’s providers of grid technology, including transformers, switchgear as well as digital and software solutions. Our members enable the energy transition to a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. Over 200,000 people in our industry manufacture, innovate and supply smart systems for the efficient transmission and distribution of electricity. Our technologies and services future-proof the grid and make clean electricity accessible to all Europeans. We put our collective expertise to work to craft a brighter, electric future.

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