Letter to Ambassadors on the Net-Zero Industry Act ahead of COREPER meeting

As we approach the COREPER meeting on 6 October 2023, E.DSO is deeply committed to addressing crucial concerns related to the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA) and its implications.

At the core of our mission is a comprehensive understanding of net-zero and the path to achieving it effectively. Net-zero is not just about reducing emissions, it is a holistic transformation of industries and technologies.

Our concern echoes the recent discussions in the European Parliament which have raised fears about the potential broadening of the Regulation’s scope. We worry that this expansion could undermine the NZIA’s core objective of boosting the production of clean technologies. While linking NZIA technologies to National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) is a positive step, it is only the beginning. It is crucial to recognise that this linkage is a fundamental requirement to ensure comparability, transparency, and consistency in line with the latest EU targets, including REPowerEU and FF55.

E.DSO together with the associations representing leading strategic net-zero manufacturers and civil society organisations advocate for greater transparency in the consultation process with energy and climate stakeholders. NECPs should complement other instruments and align with the EU’s principles embedded in existing legislation, including the Energy Efficiency First principle. Moreover, we are concerned about the inconsistent focus on NZIA technologies in recent NECP draft updates submitted to the Commission, despite the Commission’s guidance aimed at promoting clean tech manufacturing.

Our commitment is unwavering: We strive to promote a holistic approach that prioritizes net-zero technologies, ensuring that Europe remains competitive in the global clean tech race both by 2030 and 2050.

To consult the content of the joint letter, please download the full document.

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