EU Commission, E.DSO and Energy stakeholders converge on Joint Common Principles for Enhanced Consumer Protection this Winter

The EU Commission, represented by Commissioners Kadri Simson (Energy), Didier Reynders (JUSTICE), Mechtild Wörsdörfer (Deputy Director General Energy), and Nils Behrndt (Director General Justice), endorsed a joint declaration between the European Consumer Organisation and their major energy stakeholders.

Signatories and presenters of the Joint Common Principles for Enhanced Consumer Protection this Winter are BEUC, Eurelectric, Eurogas, the European Energy Retailers (EER), Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), E.DSO and EU DSO Entity.

They jointly stated to converge in recommending companies and EU Member States to provide a timely and concrete response to consumers in need by introducing additional protections to ease the effects of the energy crisis over the current winter.

E.DSO pointed out their continued cooperation with their most relevant stakeholders to pursue the utmost efforts in finding solutions to the economic burden on European citizens that this crisis is imposing. E.DSO also reminded of their active efforts in supporting Ukrainian member D.TEK to cope with the disruption of their grids.

Please download the document to read the Joint Statement.

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