The Role of DSOs in Energy Saving Applications: E.DSO commitment for the Common Energy Reference Framework

In 2022, the introduction of a Common European Reference Framework (CERF) for the development of Energy Saving Applications has been targeted as a priority for the digitalization of the EU energy system, as it allows to coordinate data exchanges and strengthens consumer empowerment in the energy transition. Such an harmonization of information exchanges with consumers at a European level places DSOs at the forefront of next-generation consumer applications.

The first phase for the creation of a CERF-based consumer application in the framework of the InterConnect project has shown that DSOs’ commitment is the cornerstone for the validation of technologies and business opportunities that contribute to increase the stability and resilience of electricity grids through demand response mechanisms. Hence, the next step is development and testing in the field. For this, InterConnect will be dedicating 2M€ to the development of pilot consumer applications. With the first validation results expected before the end of the year, DSOs in the EU can now join the first generation of stakeholders to prototype these applications via the Open Call of April 2023.

Please download the document to read our statement and learn more about the InterConnect Open Call and future opportunities for DSOs.

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