The “wholesale electricity market design 2.0”? Statement by E.DSO

E.DSO members publish a statement in reaction to ACER’s final assessment of the EU wholesale electricity market design. E. DSO overall welcomes ACER assessment and calls on the European Commission to ensure that such input is taken into due account in future decisions. We mirror the Agency’s concerns that short-term, uncoordinated emergency measures must not undermine the EU’s long-term objective of climate neutrality by 2050. However, we strongly believe that to keep electricity affordable and ensure the integration of renewables will only be possible if Europe has the right energy market design. To that end the statement outlines central considerations and emphasise the need for incentives, where DSOs can provide innovative and digital solutions, in combination with the “most valuable network investments”, also allowing a forward-looking assessment of the intrinsic societal and techno-industrial value of the investments implemented.

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