E.DSO/Dowel Innovation Webinar “Assessing EU Funding priorities – Connecting missing pieces to solve the DSO funding gap?”

The urgency for targeted investments in our electricity grids has never been higher – too little attention may hamper the needed transition to a clean energy system. To support large-scale energy infrastructure projects, the European Commission has put in place various funding programmes. Although some, such as the Horizon programme, offer DSOs in Europe room to fund their projects and activities, the overall funding opportunities still show major gaps that are neither adequate nor sufficient for DSOs. In this regard, the latest revision of the TEN-E Regulation in 2022, aiming at strengthening the role of decentralised projects, fell short of turning these ambitions into reality.

Against this background, we presented our report on EU funding instruments for DSOs, based on a broad survey conducted by DOWEL Innovation within E.DSO’s membership and supported by the EU DSO Entity. In a dedicated webinar we provided a general overview of the structure of the existing EU fundings. In addition, we elaborated on the relevance of the introduction of new funding mechanisms for DSOs.

If you missed the webinar, you can access the recording here.

See also our latest Policy Paper, based on the findings of the survey here.

Read our dedicated press release.

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