V2X: Gearing up for the electrification of our transport system

Key Outcomes from the ElaadNL V2X Symposium On 29 May, E.DSO took part in the Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Symposium organised by ElaadNL, the knowledge and innovation centre set up by the joint Dutch Grid Operators to research and test smart and sustainable charging of electric vehicles (EVs). For the occasion, the ElaadNL Testlab in Arnhem opened […]

2nd E.DSO Digital Award

Are you the creator of a pioneering solution or technological innovation that will facilitate the energy transition and leave a significant impact for society? Then you are in the right place!E.DSO, the Association of Distribution System Operators (DSOs), is launching the ‘2nd E.DSO Digital Award’ in recognition of the most meaningful and relevant digital innovations contributing […]

Green Deal Joint Statement 

470+ cross-sector organisations call for EU leaders to confirm the EU Green Deal as a priority in the next EU mandate. E.DSO, together with more than 400 signatories from across the economy, remind EU leaders that delivering the EU Green Deal is the best strategy for securing Europe’s competitiveness and prosperity, providing much-needed clarity and […]

E.DSO welcomes Enel Grids as new member

On 20 June 2024, in the context of E.DSO’s Assembly and Board meetings held at E.ON premises in Malmö, Sweden, E.DSO was pleased to accept the application of Enel Grids to become its latest member. With the addition of Enel Grids, which operates in both Italy and Spain, E.DSO’s membership encompasses nearly 200 million electricity […]

Event report – Powering Tomorrow: Grids, Investments, And Skills Unleashed

On April 9, 2024, the European Parliament in Brussels served as the stage for the “Powering Tomorrow: Grids, Investments, and Skills Unleashed” event organised by E.DSO in collaboration with Greens MEP Ciaran Cuffe’s office. The event featured a diverse lineup of speakers, each bringing unique perspectives that enriched the discussion on the topic: Rémy Garaude-Verdier […]

A Spotlight on E.DSO Priorities

Welcome to E.DSO’s new series, which aims to shed a spotlight on our advocacy priorities. Each month, E.DSO will focus on a specific theme, and with the help of our members we will be releasing a video highlighting how these various topics impact the grids and DSOs in general. https://youtu.be/H3Oke9db_Lw?feature=shared For our second video, we […]

E.DSO Customer Crisis Communication & Management Webinar – Press Release

Today, 28 February 2024, E.DSO held a Crisis, Customer Communication and Management webinar, organised by its Customer Empowerment Working Stream, where four European DSOs shared their insights on how they communicated with their customers in times of big crises. Ruslan Volynets from the Ukrainian DSO DTEK shared DTEK’s strategy regarding the current ongoing war. It […]

Insights on Dedicated Measurement Devices (DMDs) unveiled at E.DSO internal Roundtable

On 6 February 2024, E.DSO convened an internal roundtable to detangle the issue of the Dedicated Measurement Devices (DMDs) as enshrined in Recital 18 and Article 7b of the compromised version of the (EU) Regulation 2019/943: Internal Market for Electricity (EMD). This discussion evolved around the regulatory and technical requirements backing the E.DSO rationale behind […]

European energy sector increasing data usage, but not yet fully data-centric – Press Release

In-depth Opendatasoft research finds challenges centre on culture, data quality and complex technology The study reveals the following narrative: 66% of these companies are fervently advocating for increased data sharing to accelerate decarbonisation efforts. However, 73% of European energy companies are struggling with significant challenges as they aim to embrace a data-centric approach and promote […]

8th Ana Aguado Scholarship Award

The European Distribution System Operators’ Association (E.DSO), the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), the Union of the Electricity Industry – Eurelectric (Eurelectric) and the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) have the pleasure of announcing the call for the 8th Ana Aguado Scholarship Award. Under this joint initiative, two student scholarships are offered by the above-mentioned […]

Webinar: E.DSO together with DOWEL Innovation: “Assessing EU funding priorities – Connecting missing pieces to solve the DSO funding gap”– Press Release

Last Wednesday, 15 November, E.DSO and DOWEL Innovation hosted an insightful webinar, “Assessing EU funding priorities – Connecting missing pieces to solve the DSO funding gap.” The event was scheduled to present the results of a survey conducted among European Distribution System Operators, offering a deep dive into major funding opportunities at EU and Member […]

6th E.DSO Stakeholder & Innovation Council (SIC) “Landscaping the future grids & customers. How to define innovation, regulation, and expectations?” – Press Release

The 6th edition of E.DSO Stakeholder & Innovation Council (SIC), a premier event for discussions on the future of the energy sector closed its deliberations yesterday (16 November 2023). The event set against a dynamic context, coinciding with discussions on the Energy Market Design (EMD) reform trilogues on the same day and following the recent […]

Charles Esser appointed as new Secretary General of E.DSO

Today, the 51st Board of Directors of E.DSO gathered in Nice and has appointed Charles Esser as the new Secretary General, following the notice for resignation announced by Roberto Zangrandi during the June Board of Directors. Mr Esser is currently Secretary General of CEER, the Council of European Energy Regulators, and will join E.DSO as […]

E.DSO publishes its Technology Radar

European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO) promotes and enables customer empowerment and the increase in the use of clean energy sources through electrification, the development of smart and digital grid technologies in real-life situations, new market designs and regulation. E.DSO and its members are committed to taking on the huge challenges associated with realising the Energy […]

DSOs and grid technology providers join forces to accelerate the energy transition

BRUSSELS, 10 October 2023 On Monday the 9th of October, CEOs and top-level industry leaders from Europe’s largest distribution system operators and grid technology providers agreed on joint activities to deliver on Europe’s energy transition. The senior executives called on E.DSO and T&D Europe to immediately draw up an action plan for the short and […]

Event report – Greasing The Wheels: Electrifying Urban Transport Navigating the Role of DSOs in Shaping a Smarter Tomorrow

On 3 October 2023 an extraordinary gathering of industry leaders and Commission officials took place at the event titled “Greasing the Wheels: Electrifying Urban Transport – Navigating the role of DSOs in shaping a smarter tomorrow.” This pivotal event brought together influential figures, including automotive manufacturers, regulators, DSOs, and Charge Points Operators (CPOs), to engage […]

E.DSO Roundtable on Energy Data Spaces

On 6 September 2023, E.DSO convened an internal roundtable focusing on the upcoming European Data Space, a pivotal pillar of the EU Digitalization of Energy Action Plan, unveiled in autumn 2022. The Action Plan places substantial emphasis on the key role of Energy Data Space in the creation of a fully digitalised energy system. These […]

E.DSO, ENCS, ENISA and ENTSO-E hosted their 6th Cybersecurity Event “European energy grids’ security in a changed landscape – closing the skills gap and getting prepared”

The Association of European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO), the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), together hosted a public conference on power grids cybersecurity in Athens on Thursday 21 September. The event was also held in partnership […]

Platone Final Conference: ‘Digitalize DSOs to Unlock Flexibility’ – Press Release

On 28 June, the EU-funded Platone project presented the learnings and achievements of its nearly four years of activities during the Final Conference “Digitalize DSOs to Unlock Flexibility”. Project partners and exceptional guest speakers from all across Europe took an audience of around 100 participants for a deep dive into the future of flexibility procurement, […]

12 research and innovation initiatives at the 12th InnoGrid Projects Session

Brussels, 9 June 2023 InnoGrid 2023 – On 9 June 2023, the 12th edition of InnoGrid, jointly organised by E.DSO and ENTSO-E, started with the Projects Session, in which 12 research and innovation initiatives were presented. They focused on solutions to advance on long-term energy transition technology development to meet the EU long-term climate objectives […]

Is EU regulation supporting the cyber revolution for the energy sector? – Press Release

Jointly organised by ESMIG and E.DSO, the webinar “Is EU regulation supporting the cyber revolution for the energy sector?” took place on Tuesday, 16 May 2023. Fostering an interactive exchange, the webinar provided insight into current cybersecurity legislation, focussing on further developments and how it could be streamlined to avoid overlaps with other European legislation, […]

Unpacking the Green Deal Industrial Plan: Energy Industry Implications – Press Release

The event ‘Unpacking the Green Deal Industrial Plan: Energy Industry implications’ took place in the morning on Tuesday, 18 April 2023 as an online – 2 hours event. In an interactive setting, the webinar offered actionable intelligence, reliable insight, and a deep understanding of the latest energy lever that all sectors, including Distribution System Operators […]