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While the electrical grid is moving from being fully centralized to a highly decentralized system, grid operators must adapt to this changing environment and adjust their current business model to accommodate faster reactions and adaptive flexibility. This is an unprecedented challenge requiring an unprecedented solution. For this reason, the two major associations of grid operators in Europe, E.DSO and activated their members to put together a unique consortium.

OneNet aims at developing and demonstrating a European electricity system that provides for the seamless near real-time integration of all actors across countries, intending to create the conditions for a synergistic operation of the market and network that optimizes the overall energy management while creating an open and fair market structure and maximizing the consumer capabilities to participate in it.

Its pan-European approach consists of four elements:

  1. OneNet is bringing together the large base of knowledge and technology developed so far in H2020 projects. OneNet builds on previous projects like and INTERRFACE to create the standardized pan-European system of systems approach and the conditions for a single digital energy market for Europe.
  2. It will validate its vision in four demonstration clusters of unprecedented size. 15 European countries will be involved in demonstrating OneNet’s concepts and solutions at the regional and cross-border levels.
  3. The consortium is ideally placed to demonstrate a truly European approach as it brings together 72 partners, a large set of TSOs and DSOs, leading IT companies, and renowned research institutions.
  4. It reaches beyond the project consortium through the newly established "GRId FOrum" (GRIFOn) platform. GRIFOn will enable constant dialogue with all relevant stakeholders and will provide feedback on OneNet concepts and solutions.

OneNet creates an unprecedented consensus at the European level, developing solutions ready for market uptake. As further envisioned by Int:net, it will also pave the way for a quick and efficient standardisation process.



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OneNet aims to create unique synergies between all actors:

  • New and standardized products and services will be proposed and enabled through an
  • open, interoperable, scalable, and standardized IT architecture. This will
  • support finer grained and closer to real-time coordinated market and network operation across different countries and geographical areas.



E.DSO and DSOs

Including all the players also means enabling real citizen inclusion: When defining products and services and designing markets, OneNet puts the customer at the centre. OneNet embraces the new role of the customers in the energy transition, as expressed in recent EU legislation like the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package and The European Green Deal. Customers are moving from peripheral users to key players in the energy system. They may provide value to the energy system both through their generation assets and the flexibility in their load operation.

The removal of entry barriers to flexibility markets together with the seamless coordination between grid and market operators are among the key enablers for customer empowerment that will be addressed by OneNet.



OneNet will be testing concepts with 4 European demo clusters involving an unmatched number of countries and their grid operators in a single project:

  • Northern Cluster (FI/SWE/NO/EE/LV/LY/EI)
  • Southern Cluster (GR/CY)
  • Western Cluster (PT/ES/FR)
  • Eastern Cluster (PL/HU/CZ/SI)

In addition to contributing to the various work packages of the project, E.DSO manages the task entitled "Integration of flexibility services and data exchange at the DSO level to ensure interoperability towards the transmission system.”

OneNet also aims to continuously update EU stakeholders about the status of the project and to collect feedback via the GRIFOn – European Grid Forum. The Forum is jointly chaired by E.DSO and ENTSO-E and is open to all grid operators in Europe.



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