Facilitating customers energy data management and interoperability -DSOs’ perspective

There is a seemingly endless torrent of research, white papers, and analyst reports on data management. That entails a lot of readings and keeping up with the deluge of content. However not much, or almost inexistent is the information on the data management from DSOs viewpoint.

With that in mind, the E.DSO data management working group has compiled a very attractive position paper “Facilitating customers energy data management and interoperability -DSOs’ perspective”. The paper emphasizes that management of data remains crucial to operate the distribution system flexibly while responding to customer needs and managing critical situations appropriately. It further sheds lights into the role and responsibilities of DSOs as provided by the Electricity Directive, the data exchange process between the DSOs and third parties, as well as DSOs’ willingness to improve cooperation with TSOs at European level for the benefit of customers. It lastly features that the data exchange between system operators and customers remains important to adopt a more customer-centric approach, expecting DSOs to seek high engagement in European work streams regarding data access and interoperability.

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